Karuna Therapy App

Product Design  +   Concept Redesign

Karuna is a mental health therapy product concept connecting therapists and their clients outside of sessions. Best practice involves therapists assigning homework and assessments between sessions, however handouts and materials lack engagement. Karuna is a concept to improve compliance with therapy recommendations by providing evidence-based and engaging assignments, lessons, and assessments between session. In addition, Karuna has the capability for clients to explore self-help material on their own, message their therapists, and make appointments.

  • Dan Smith
  • Digital Mental Health
  • Design / Iteration / Interaction
  • April 20th, 2021
  • Pitch Deck
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Complete concept redesign from ideation to high fidelity mockups. Including wireframing, usability testing, iteration, and interaction design.

Using atomic design and double diamond concepts, I focus on taking time with researching the design. Once I have a strong understanding of needs and the direction of the design, I use several low fidelity wireframes. During this phase, I take my time testing the low-fidelity wireframes before moving to time intensive high fidelity mockups.

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Final product included a full working mobile prototype of both the therapist and client platform for all main screens including dashboard, explore, progress, toolbox, and message.
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