I Think I Have: Checkout Flow

Product Design  +   Builder.io Development

I Think I Have is an E-commerce healtchare product offering on demand diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up care with a medical doctor. My role was developing their checkout flow for both new and returning customers. Flows included individual and dependent checkouts, editing information, saving information for future use, account creation, user testing, A/B testing, design audits, style guide, and design system creation.

  • Dan Smith
  • Awesome Studios
  • Product design and implementation
  • March 2021 - October 2021
  • I Think I Have
  • Request case study
From ideation to delivery, Awesome Studios needed a checkout flow for all their concepts starting with I Think I Have.

I Think I Have (formally The Care App) is a healthcare e-commerce platform offering on-demand doctor visits. My role involved taking their ideas and bringing them to reality. Using a mobile-first appraoch, I designed the style guide, pitched concepts and wireframe sets, A/B Testing, user testing, and built out on Builder.io to hand off to development.

The final designs were built on Builder.io and backend was sent to development, involving cross-discpline discussions on interaction, and deployed live on I Think I Have website
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