I'm a product designer in Portland, Oregon. Focused on designing immersive digital experiences that benefit the wellbeing of others.
Human centered design for digital wellbeing.

Idea driven, pixel perfect, team player. Looking to help build the next disruption tech.

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Dan is knowledgable and dedicated.
He is always accessible and has answered my questions thoroughly and thoughtfully. With his help and expertise I have become more confident!
Nevena, CareerFoundry Student


Product Design Cal Arts UX/UI Design Specialization 2020

Completed CalArts UX/UI Design Specialization certificate course June 2020


Clinical Education Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling 2012

M.S. from University of Wyoming 2012, B.S. in Psychology from Northern Arizona University 2009


Business Education Bachelors in Business Management 2009

B.S. in Business Administration Management from Northern Arizona University 2009


Experience Internships, Careers, & Freelance

Clinically diverse population, Evidence-Based Therapies, and Freelance Product Design and Web Management

Product Development

Responsive Design, Mobile-First Design, Human-Centered Design, Web App Design, Atomic Design

Web Development

Web design, CSS/HTML, Bootstrap, WordPress, Wix/Squarespace, Weebly


Marketing campaigns, print design, digital design, SEO & analytics

Content Development

Multi-platform social media marketing campaigns, writing, video, photo, strategy and execution

Clinical Expertise

Evidence-Based Therapies (CBT, DBT, ACT, MBCTs), diverse populations, diverse clinical concerns, health psychology experience

Team Leadership

Development and iteration of clinical programs, running multi-disciplinary teams, lead therapist

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